Custom Formulation

Do you have technical coating requirements, but don't have the expertise, facilities or time to manufacture the product?

We can help - our team has the experience and expertise to custom formulate paints, resins, renders and coatings to suit a variety of substrates and environmental conditions.

We can also assist with:

  • Preparation of Material safety data sheet and technical literature
  • Sourcing manufacturing and test equipment
  • Training in manufacturing procedures
  • Raw material sourcing

Custom Formulation benefits include:

  • Eliminate the cost of technical staff, facilities and equipment
  • Enable in-house manufacture
  • Fast track new product development
  • Upgrade an existing product range
  • Rectify problems or shortcomings of existing products
  • Enter new market areas

To discuss how we can assist in developing your coating system, call (03) 9464 3034.