10 Year Warranty

RGL Adhesives Pty Ltd offer a 10 year Limited Warranty (to the value of the goods supplied) on Roof Coatings against Flaking, Chipping, Cracking or peeling. 

This Warranty will become void if the correct product selection, surface preparation, application and Product Coverage recommended by RGL Adhesives Pty Ltd is not adhered to.

This Warranty excludes and in no event will RGL Adhesives Pty Ltd be responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse, walking on the Roof, growth or Organic Material, Industrial Pollution, Acts of God such as Floods, Fire, Storms or Earthquakes and Defects in Roof Structure.

Recoating the affected area does not Guarantee the coating will match the unaffected areas due to age or fading issues.

Should a Claim be made under Warranty written notice must be given to RGL Adhesives Pty Ltd as soon as possible.

Products covered by this Warranty include, Roof Coatings e.g.:

  • Paint
  • Supa-point and associated products.