Roof Coatings

Nu Roof coatings will bring new life to your old roof with our complete range of sealers, primers and topcoats to protect and beautify.

Nu Roof has been formulated using world leading acrylic technology and has been designed to give superior adhesion, UV resistance and rapid cure.

Nu Roof Primer: Clear penetrating coating to prepare worn surfaces for Nu Roof Topcoat. Provides superior adhesion and sealing.

Nu Roof Sealer: Specially formulated sealer for badly weathered or porous surfaces. Seals and protects.

Nu Roof Topcoats: Our all-acrylic topcoats combined with our sealer or primer key together to give maximum strength and durability to your roof.

Nu Roof Terraglaze: Glossy clear coating to restore your terracotta roof to its former glory.

All RGL Adhesives Roof Products are:

  • Proudly an Australian made product.
  • Fade resistant colour pigments UV break down resistant.
  • Long lasting protection.

We offer a 10 year limited Warranty. Read more »


For more information on roof coatings, call (03) 9464 3034.

Colour Selection Tool

Place your cursor over one of the colour squares to view that colour on the roof. Please note colours display differently on all monitors so colours shown are as accurate as possible.



To view a chart of available colours, click here. (PDF: 1 MB)